Audience Feedback

"I thoroughly enjoyed watching the performance. It's wonderful to see the community come together young and old to perform the play. I hope that I will have the opportunity to see future performances"
Kirsty Williams AM

From the Llangorse Community & Youth Centre

"It brought the whole community of Llangors, and beyond, together in a way that I have not seen for a very long time. We are very proud to live in a community that can do this… We hope to see many more productions in the future. We need things like this to bring communities together and put a smile on people’s faces! Congratulations to you and all the cast on a magnificent production" - Melrose East, Chair

From Cast Members

‘I was surprised by how much fun it turned out to be, even though the idea petrified me to begin with. It was an all-age production and lovely to have the children so engaged and I feel it was particularly rewarding for everyone who took part. I would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone of any age to take part in next time - even if they are appalled by the idea! It did me the power of good"
Gareth Jones (Lucifer / God / Shepherd)

"I've made good friends and got to know people in my local community. I’d forgotten just how much I enjoy performing. Can’t wait until we all get together again and work on our next show!"
Sue Phair (Eve / Tap Dancer in Chorus / John the Baptist / Gill / Joseph)

"Absolutely humbled by the children in the cast. Their eagerness and excitement was overwhelming and their presence always a pleasure. It gave us hope that our village will be in the safest of hands in the future. Sign up us oldies for the next play cos' we can't wait to be in their gang again" - Noah & Uxor alias Laurence & Rose Snowden

"[Lynn] wanted it to be a community project and it certainly was. So good to meet more local people and make new friends" - Sheena Shepard (Pilate / Shepherd)

"Taking part in the Mysteries was a great way for me as a 'new Llangorse resident' to get to know lots of the community folk, young and old together. I am sure it was good for all those who took part to realise some of their hidden potential at the same time as producing something that the whole community could share and enjoy if they wanted to. I must admit at times I wondered if it would all fall into place, but I should not have doubted. I can only thank Lynn for her determination and organisation for bringing us all together!"
Chris Demanuel (Angel)

KS2 Pupils

(from weekly in-school sessions)

"Drama helps me because if helps me with my confidence"

"I smile in Drama"

"Drama helps me with my confidence and with speaking in front of people"

"I enjoy watching our performances and improving"

Millbrook Primary School Head Teacher Lindsey Watkins

(Lead Creative School Project Summer 2016)

We are so proud of all year 6 learners who have been part of The Lead Creative School Scheme funded through The Arts Council for Wales. Our focus has been to improve communication skills. Millbrook pupils have worked alongside creative practitioner Lynn Clausen developing their speaking and listening skills through a range of drama activities. This culminated in the children’s performance of 'Jibber Jabber' to parents, school and the local community at the beginning of May. Jibber Jabber was a creative production containing elements of Shakespeare and pieces penned by the children themselves. The result was an outstanding performance by every child showing a growth in confidence and an improvement in individual pupil oracy skills. Well done everyone!"

Updating! July 2018